Unreal Scene - Highly Flammable Divination Moon Shop

Work In Progress / 17 September 2021

I received a great deal of support from the Unreal Slackers community on Discord <3 There are so many of you who have helped me progress on this project, thank you! 

Bear with me now, it is my bedtime. Adam Dencker, here is that asset gym you wanted to see. It is coming along, lots of lamps.

Here is the updated lamp now in the scene. Mmm, relaxing modeling.

Not a great picture, but that is because the only other one I have is a huge change to my scene!

I decided my scene was struggling from some foundational issues, namely it wasn't grounded in space, the colors were all too saturated which lead them to confuse the viewer. So I took some time to draw over the top and resolve some of the problems.

I then revised materials, and used a Quixel cliff rock to anchor the piece in place and removed all distracting elements from the scene background, including my banyan tree :( 'twas a sad moment.

But paid off.

And while I may not get the waterfall shaders in for a while, I have a good idea of how to do them so I've decided to add it in. The light value underneath the building helps to make it look as if it is floating and light.

I'm pleased with my studies so far. My next jump is going to be checking out the modeling plug ins in Unreal that might allow me to block out a scene in engine. That step would save a lot of import/export time in my workflow.

Have a great night, I'm going offline for system maintenance.